The table below presents laboratory grinders and mills offered by Testchem. More detailed informations are available when pointed on chosen device.

The table is a preview, accurate devices’ characteristics depend on grinding time and enviroment.

Grinders and crushers

Most suitable
Possible application
Preliminary grain* (mm)10540100405030 - 14040 - 15080-250
Final grain* (mm)0,020,02depends on sieve (0,425;0,5;1;2;3mm)depends on sieve (5;10;15;20mm)0,521310
Building materials, cement, concrete, clinker
Coal, coke
Soil, sewage sludge
Paints, pigments
Glass, ceramics, sintered
Wood, bark, cardboard, nuts
Electronic scrap
Rubber and plastics
Grain, feed
Plants, biomass, herbs
Ore, minerals

Testchem company also offers devices designed or adjusted to individual client’s needs.