Since the very beginning, our primary goal was to find the truth hidden in the world around us. We know that getting to the essence, demands from us to break the matter down into the smallest pieces, to give each element a closer look, to get to know it in detail. In order to reach our goal we make use of contemporary technology, our own patented devices and verified solutions. Thanks to our assiduity/tenacity and a natural curiosity we are today an international supplier of efficient, precise and effective devices for laboratories and various industries.


Throughout the 30 years of our history in Testchem we have meticulously defined our priorities and found our area of expertise. Our products for gathering and preparing representative lab samples, such as: laboratory grinders, crushers, presses or cooling systems, constantly gain renown in serious companies around the world, and the satisfied customers come back for more. Why? Because we offer exactly what they demand – tailor-made solutions, adapted precisely to their unique needs.


However our offer exceeds that. We are constantly on the path of development, and on it we seek companies like ours – competent partners, who will put their knowledge to work in order to elevate our clients. This approach has brought us to collaborate with RIGAKU – a well-known manufacturer of world’s highest class spectrometers, diffractometers, and Nippon Instruments Corporation, which supplies industries with instruments which analyze mercury content in various materials. Today we are the sole agent of these two companies in Poland.


Quality, precision and flexibility – these are the values which we follow in our everyday life, both in the production halls, and in business. Many companies around the world have verified that this model works, and works well. To this day our products facilitate the operation of laboratories, factories, science facilities, power plants, and universities in several countries around the world.

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Since the very beginning, our goal is to find the truth hidden in the world around us. We want to get to the essence, break the matter down into smallest pieces, give each element a closer look, get to know it in detail.