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About company

Since 1990 Testchem company produkuje produces devices for chemical laboratories. We offer wide range of products for gathering and preparing representative samples, mainly: laboratory grinders, laboratory crushers, cooling systems, samplers, presses.

New office

Aug 21 2013
Testchem company has opened a new office, located at Rybnicka 187 Street in Radlin. Complete address can be found below and on 'contact' web page. The building is situated near to manufacturing plant.

Rybnicka 187 Street
44-310 Radlin

Correspondence should be addressed as pointed above. Company's central address didn't changed.

Więcej informacji

Cooling systems

Temperature stabilization for laboratory equipment, such as diffractometers, electron microscopes, spectrometers.


Automatic, representative sampling of loose materials in power plants, ironworks and others.

Grinding and crushing

Preparing samples for laboratory analysis for research and control applications.