The soil grinder is intended to prepare large amount of dried soil samples. Sample is passed through sieve and collected in closed container. Sample excess can be removed manually or automatically passed to separate container. Daily efficiency reaches preparation of 500 samples.

  • The soil grinder is intended for grinding and homogenization of soil samples. This grinder utilizes the running through mechanism.

  • The sample material is introduced between rings which roll on top of the sieve. The shredded material is pushed through the sieve to a closed container mounted in the lower part of the grinder casing.

    • available dust collection equipment
    • possibility to purchase equipment which removes the excess of sample material, using a tape conveyor outside the building
Grinder ModelDimensionsWeightPower supplyPower consumptionRotation speedPreliminary grainFinal grainGrinding Roller MaterialEfficiency
LMG600x600x1500mm90kg400V1,4kW90rpm<80mm<2mmHardened steelca. 50kg/h