Jaw crushers enable preparatory grinding of laboratory samples. This is a fast way to reduce sample’s size down to 2 mm. Jaw gap regulation allows changing final grain size of samples.

  • The crusher is used for preparatory grinding of dry and hard materials.

    • material entrance: lockable
    • jaw gap adjustment
    • material collection to a locked container
  • The material is inserted between two jaws: mobile and fixed. Reciprocating motion of the jaw moves the material downward, towards the narrowing gap between the jaws.

  • coal, ores, ferroalloys, slag, glass frits, fluxes, soil, clinker, cement, fertilizers, dust, sludge, coke, dolomite

Crusher ModelDimensionsWeightPower supplyPower consumptionAllowed humidityPreliminary grainFinal grain (depending on the gap adjustment)Jaw materialEfficiency (depending on the gap adjustment)
LKS-60400x540x570mm65kg400V1,1kW<5%<60mmfrom 1 to 7mmtungsten carbidemax 90kg/h
LKS-100970x820x990mm410kg400V3kW<5%<100mmfrom 1 to 10mmsteelmax 130kg/h
LKS-140970x820x990mm480kg400V3kW<5%<140mmfrom 3 to 20mmsteelmax 200kg/h