Cooling systems help lower and stabilize the temperature of diffractometers, electron microscopes, graphite cuvettes ICP spectrometers and other devices.

We manufacture cooling systems up to 50kW, solutions are adapted to particular client’s needs.

Additional parameters

  • pressure and water flow measurement: digital in cooling systems: 2,5-4,5kW
  • due to significant heat emission, produced by the chiller during operation, the space in which it is placed has to be provided with a mechanical ventilation system
  • the system is protected from excessive rises and falls of temperature
  • the system is automatically shut down on reaching tem. below 5°C (min) and above 35°C (max)
  • the distance between the chiller and the indoor unit is limited (max. distance should not exceed 10mb)
Cooling system modelPower supplyChilling powerTemperature stabilizationTemperature rangePressure rangeWater flow
UChF - 0,9230V900W±1°10°-30°C0,1-0,3MPa1-6l/min
UChF – 2,5230V2,5kW±1°10°-30°C0,2-0,6MPa1-6l/min
UChF – 2,5s230V2,5kW±1°10°-30°C0,2-0,6MPa1-6l/min
UChF – 4,5230V/400V4,5kW±1°10°-30°C0,2-0,6MPa1-6l/min
UChF – 4,5s230V/400V4,5kW±1°10°-30°C0,2-0,6MPa1-6l/min