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Laboratory presses are widely applied in the preparation of samples. They are of particular importance in the Roentgen-fluorescent analysis. Pressing allows you to get a representative solid sample of powder material. Depending on the preparation of samples, our company offers hand presses (a few to a dozen samples per day) or automatic and semi-automatic (tens of samples per day).

We offer the range of hand presses with the most commonly used pressure of 10 to 250kN. Diameter of pressed samples can be regulated from 10mm to 50mm. Pressing matrixes are made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide. Our offer is supplemented with presses for hot pressing: LPR LPR-10T and 25T for pressures of 10 and 25 kN.

Semi-automatic and automatic presses are equipped with an electronic control unit which controls the hydraulic pump, the work of valves and pressing time. In the automatic presses the sample is squeezed automatically after pressing. Semi-automatic presses require manual squeezing of the sample.

Prasy ręczne

Parameter LPR-25 LPR-150 LPR-250
Dimensions (160x300x400h)mm (270x400x600h)mm
Weight 25kg 100kg
Pressure up to 25kN (ca. 2,5 tons) up to 150kN (ca. 16 tons) up to 250kN (ca. 27 tons)
Pressure indicator Tensometer (digital display)
Pressing mechanism Screw
Maximal pressing height 110mm
Actuator stroke 60-70mm
Pressed samples diameter 10-50mm

Semiautomatic and automatic presses

Parametr LPP (semiautomatic) LPA (automatic)
Dimensions (300x300x1500h)mm (260x260x1500h)mm
Weight 200kg 250kg
Power supply 230 lub 400V
Power consumption 1,4 lub 2,2kW
Pressing mechanism Screw
Maximum pressure 400kN (ca. 40 tons)
Actuator stroke 40mm
Maximum pressing time 120 sekund
Pressure indicator electronic
Setting pressing time electronic