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Cooling systems

Cooling systems work with devices that require temperature stabilization, such as diffractometers, spectrometers, electron microscopes, graphite cuvettes and other. We offer two types of cooling systems, "singleblock" (UChF) and "split" (UChF-s).

Version "singleblock" is a single integrated cooling unit. It can work only in areas with forced ventilation system. Version "split" consists of indoor unit, aggregate and condenser installed in separate cover outside the building. Thanks to this solution, the indoor unit does not emit heat into the room and is less loud than the version of "singleblock".

Cooling systems produced by us have the power up to 40kW, but the basic configurations are: 0.9 kW, 2.5 kW and 4.5 kW. Dimensions of the cooling system depend on its strength and required water pressure. Our systems are equipped with digital temperature controllers and screens that displays warning about excessive temperature rise and states of emergency.
Parameter UChF 0,9 UChF 2,5 UchF 4,5
Cooling capacity 0,9kW 2,5kW 4,5kW
Power supply 230V 400V 400V
Temperature range 10-35°C
Water pressure 0,1-0,4MPa 0,2-0,6MPa
Water flow regulated: 1-8 l/min

Principle of operation

Distilled water (deionised), which cools the whole system, circulates in a closed circuit. The water is cooled by means of a compressor chiller with air-cooled condenser.